When teeth are lost, the jawbone where the missing teeth were once located is often reabsorbed. For patients who wish to receive dental implants to restore your smile, this leaves poor quality and quantity of bone. Dental implants require good bone structure and density to support dental implants and properly integrate them as part of your natural smile. In Alameda, California, bone grafting makes dental implants possible for those with no, very soft, or very fragile jawbone structure. Dr. Knoll, our expert oral surgeon, offers extensive bone grafting treatments to ensure success and a new smile you can be proud of.

During a bone grafting treatment, Dr. Knoll and our surgical team will either remove a section of bone from somewhere in your body or use a special bone grafting material and graft it into your jawbone. Depending on your personal conditions, dental implant treatment may begin that same day, or you may need to wait a few months for the bone graft to build up new, strong bone. Our talented surgical team, led by Dr. Knoll, will determine the particulars of your individual treatment. For more information regarding bone grafting and how we strive to make your treatment as pain-free as possible, please contact us at California Oral and Facial Surgery today.