As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Michael Knoll has the training and expertise needed to treat and repair multiple types of facial trauma. From automobile crashes to accidents and falls, facial trauma is all too common. In Alameda, California, facial trauma reconstruction is used to restore your face, jaw, and smile to optimal function, appearance, and health. There are three main classifications of facial trauma:

  • Soft tissue injuries, including lacerations or cuts to the skin and gums
  • Avulsed teeth, which are teeth knocked out of the mouth by trauma
  • Bony injuries, encompassing injuries to the cheekbones, jawbones, eye sockets, palates, and nose

In the case of facial trauma, our talented surgical team will listen carefully to your goal and concerns. Not only do we want to provide excellent oral surgical care, but we also strive to renew your self-confidence in your smile and face. The treatment you require largely depends on your individual needs, but treatment may include wiring bones together, the insertion of small plates and screws, stitches, implementing dental splints, or dental implants. If you have suffered facial or dental trauma, we welcome you to contact our oral surgery office to begin reconstructing your smile and your life. We are eager to put a smile back on your face.