In your smile, the canine teeth are located in the front of your smile and are often referred to as cuspids or fangs due to their long, pointed appearance. They are essential to your ability to bite properly, and they play a large role in the alignment and function of your other teeth. Sometimes these canine teeth become impacted, meaning the tooth is blocked, stuck, or unable to erupt from the gumline and function properly. Outside of wisdom teeth impactions, canines are the next most susceptible.

At California Oral and Facial Surgery, there are generally two treatments used to repair impacted canine teeth. In the case of younger patients, a brace is often fitted to create a space for the impacted canine to grow. If overcrowding occurs in older patients, Dr. Knoll may recommend extracting the canine tooth. Typically, both of these treatments take only one visit to our oral surgery office and require little pain medication. We will help you feel as comfortable as possible with impacted canine treatments. Impacted canines in Alameda, California are always treated based upon your individual needs. To learn more about treatment for impacted canines, we welcome you to call or visit our office today. We look forward to caring for your smile!